Elim Ammanford

A Pentecostal Church actively engaged in reaching the needs of our local community

Elim History

Elim Churches were established by George Jeffries, in 1915. As a Minister, the meetings that George Jeffries held gathered such crowds, that churches were soon established. Read More

What We Believe

As a strong mainstream Pentecostal church we accept fully the teaching of the Elim Denomination in line with the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. Read More

What To Expect

Come as you are! Our folks come dressed in casual attire. Expect great worship music from the band. A time of worshiping and praising Jesus through song and prayer. Read More

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Church Members
Elim Kids


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Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan Hamilton


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alan Hamilton and I’m the Pastor of Elim Ammanford. A church I lead with my beautiful wife Jackie along side me.