Elim Ammanford

Personal faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ

  • Personal faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
  • A clear conviction that God has called you to make this Fellowship your
    spiritual home.
  • Acceptance of our fundamental beliefs.
  • The acceptance of Biblical standards of personal holiness.
  • Acceptance of the Leadership and submission to the discipline of the Local
  • Acceptance of our philosophy of ministry and commitment to our vision.
  • Regular attendance at our Sunday meetings and involvement in one of our
    midweek meetings.
  • A definite seeking for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the New Testament
    evidence of ‘signs following’.
  • Regular giving to the Church according to Scriptural standards.
  • A commitment to serve the ‘body’ with the gifts and abilities that God has given
  • Loyal support for, and involvement in, the activities of the Church as it seeks to
    fulfil its role in the community.
  • A commitment to work through the Biblical procedure for conflict and
    reconciliation with other members.
  • A commitment to do your best to make us aware of particular problems or
    situations of ill-health.
  • A commitment to discuss any area of frustration or disappointment concerning
    the Fellowship with one of the associated Leaders and if necessary thereafter,
    the Church Session.


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Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan Hamilton


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alan Hamilton and I’m the Pastor of Elim Ammanford. A church I lead with my beautiful wife Jackie along side me.