Our Commitment To Members

Elim Ammanford

To honour the Word of God


  • To honour the Word of God, rightly dividing it, and to provide clear and consistent teaching of Biblical principles.
  • To continuously seek God for direction in leadership of the life of the Fellowship.
  • To give leadership according to our understanding of Biblical standards.
  • To set an example of Godly character in all matters of morality, good conduct and lifestyle.
  • To help each member develop and grow in their relationship with God and to equip them for works of ministry.
  • To seek to make room for the expression of God-given ministries.
  • To encourage each member in Biblical standards of personal holiness and to speak specifically into areas of their lives where we believe these are in danger of being infringed.
  • To provide the necessary framework in which relationships with others can be developed so that love, care and concern may be meaningfully expressed to each member.
  • To help each member have a sense of belonging regardless of the size of the Fellowship.
  • To steward responsibly the gifts that are given to the work of God in this place.


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Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan Hamilton


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alan Hamilton and I’m the Pastor of Elim Ammanford. A church I lead with my beautiful wife Jackie along side me.