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Elim Ammanford

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Where Can I Play My Part?

Pray about how you can best serve, look at your strengths, skills and time and ask God where He wants to use you. Remember the role the Jesus took on at the Last Supper, that of a foot washer which was one of the lowest jobs a servant would have.

Many hands make light work if everyone commits just a little of their time each week or month to volunteering to meet the needs of our congregation and local community.

Areas in church life that you can serve

Children & Youth Team – Cleaning – Kitchen – Prayer Ministry Team – Sound System – Welcome Team – Worship Team

(All children, youth and vulnerable adults ministry workers are subject to a CRB check as standard)


13 + 4 =

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Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan & Jackie Hamilton

Alan Hamilton


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alan Hamilton and I’m the Pastor of Elim Ammanford. A church I lead with my beautiful wife Jackie along side me.